The most popular tattoos for men on the arm

The most popular men's tattoos on the arm allow the imagination to be reflected in it, achieving beautiful drawings that become an art.

What are tattoos?

Tattoos are a practice that has been known since the oldest civilizations, and that in recent years has had a great boom. Let us remember that the tattoo is an art that consists of making a drawing on the epidermis of the skin with dyes, and which is not erased.

In ancient times, tattoos on the arm were synonymous with having made a mistake. Therefore, it was related to people whose reputation was doubtful or criminals, and they had to carry a mark for life, which were these tattoos. However, today it has established itself as an art , managing to break down the negative assessments and taboos that existed about it. And today it has become a genuine form of expression. Currently, male arm tattoos are a common art, since their designs can be easily displayed or hidden, if required.

An ancient art

Religion and magic were part of the reasons members of ancient civilizations got tattoos. The tattoo dates back to the earliest civilizations , which has been discovered on mummies, which are over 5,000 years old. Decorations were found on their skin.

Tattoos were part of the rituals of ancient cultures, where they were a sign used for the transition to adulthood. Likewise, they marked the ranks and hierarchy in the tribes. Likewise, they were related to strength and bravery, when they were made in the upper part of the arm, and were made to warriors and chiefs. The tattoos located on the forearm and hands indicated that they had creativity and manual skills.

Most popular men's arm tattoos

The tattoo is considered a way of adorning oneself, for which artistic drawings are made for it. I invite you to read below what are the most popular tattoo designs for men on the arm.

tribal design tattoos

These are ancient design tattoos, inspired by traditional symbols, and they are considered to convey toughness, strength and bravery . They were used to symbolize social status, or the tribe to which they belonged. Its simple design elaborated in black ink, includes angles that are predominant and pronounced, in addition, they have curves that are daring, and thick lines.

maori tattoos

It is a tattoo that was used in New Zealand by Maori men , it is a very old style, made with parallel lines that make spirals.

Small Bold Tattoos

Small tattoos are more discreet, simple and take up a small space on the arm. These are made with simple lines, and are made by those who do not want to attract attention. These small and striking tattoos are usually made with geometric figures and can take some colors, and include symbols that have some meaning.

Armband tattoos

It has become increasingly common among men to get tattoos in the form of bracelets or bands . These are tattoos that are based on tribal designs, in addition, they symbolically represent a jewel or a garment. However, they are made in the form of rosaries, flowery. And, the drawing of its lines can be done with different thicknesses.

They are designed in various styles, and can mean anything from an adornment, to representing an identity, or to remember an event, or a loved one.

forearm tattoos

They are tattoos whose meaning is resistance and strength , because of the area where it is done. On the other hand, it has been considered that the tattoos that are made on the forearms are related to virility and the masculine. Which made them one of the favorite tattoos of men. Letters, dates, words, animal figures, which can be the pets of the person tattooed, among others, are made on the forearm. In addition to figures, whose motif is related to the culture of the Borneo tribes.

Sleeve and half sleeve are the most popular tattoos for men on the arm

The arms are the favorites of men to get tattoos, this is due to the space to make the drawing according to their imagination. These make them feel stronger and empowered , moreover, usually the tattoo design is related to the personality. Currently there is a trend to tattoo the entire arm or half , which is called sleeve or half sleeve. These have become a favorite for men to tattoo, and can be done in color, and give the effect of a watercolor.

full sleeve tattoos

Full sleeve tattoos are those that cover the entire arm, and simulate a shirt, which is attached to the skin. And in it a great variety of designs are reflected, among them are:

Tattoos full of details

Which are very beautiful, full of colors and with a perfect design. They can include figures of animals, portraits of people, or drawings that intertwine figures and shapes.

Tattoos that simulate a mechanical arm

These tattoos are made up of many details, and are of a structural type, which is why they become a great art.

half arm tattoos

If you prefer a half arm tattoo, you can choose from a variety of designs including tribal and Maori styles. Also, watercolor type tattoo designs to give it color and shine.